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Psychological and Spiritual Healing in the
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Self-help for Faith and Healing


With all your mind, learn the Faith in its fullness and depth;

With all your strength, defend the Faith from ignorance and hate;

With all your soul, desire the Faith as your most cherished hope;

With all your heart, live the Faith in gentleness and love.

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Principles of Spiritual Self-help

The Way of the Cross: Parables; A World Filled With Impiety; Psychology and Spirituality; Asking While Doubting; Sacrifice, Obedience, and Prayer; Where Has Love Gone; What You Can Do; Increase My Faith



Why chastity?: Where there is love and chastity, there is God                                                                                                        

Failure  (From the Q&A Section)

Why wasn’t I taught any of this in church?: A Stamp of Approval; The “Church” and “the Church”; “What is the Least I Have to Do?”; “Magical” Salvation; Indifference, Ingratitude, and Contempt

Snatched by Demons  (From the Q&A Section)

Hardly anyone else understands—or even desires to understand—the truth: The Truth; Snatched by Demons; Getting It Wrong; The Few—and the Rest; A Few Good Friends; A Constant Vow; With Trials as a Teacher

Outside the Box

How to find freedom from social fraud and game-playing: The Nine Dot Puzzle; The Real Box: Fraud and Games; Contempt of the World; Detachment from the World: Chastity, Modesty, and Humility

Spiritual Counsels

Spiritual Counsels to develop love for God and healthy self-love: Introduction; The Mandate; A Basis both Ecclesiastical and Psychological; Rationale; The Counsels


Jesus’ Teachings About Sexuality and Marriage

From the visions of the Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich 

Children Fallen Away from the Church

When children fall away from the Church: Things Don’t Just “Happen”; Drawn Away from God’s Will; Trust in God; What Your Children See; How You Lose Credibility; Exposing the Fraud; What You Can Do Now

Educating Children

The price of being lukewarm in faith: How the devil undermines the Church by brainwashing children in school

Ego States

Understanding Ego States: Something Missing; The Problem with Romantic Relationships; As a Child Sees Things; The Fullness of Healing; Attending to the Child Ego State

Family Dysfunction and Disobedience

How disobedience results from family hypocrisy: The “Stain”; Resistance to Authority; The Call Back to Faith; The Call Away from the World and Self

The Father

The psychological consequences of a missing father: The Role of a Mother; The Role of a Father; Lack; Unconscious Consequences of Lack; Saint Joseph; The Remedy; Prayer to Saint Joseph; Modern Prayer to Saint Joseph


Raising children with real love and blessings: The Solution; Raising Children to Revere the Holy; Healthy Communication; The Gender-based Communication Bias; The Mistake of “Gender Equity”

Helping Children Heal

Reality and Faith: The Mistake of Invalidation; The Proper Way                                                                                                        

Parental Love for a Child  (From the Q&A Section)

The origin of psychological dysfunction in children: Trauma Kept Secret; Getting to the Problem; Parental Love; The Possibility of Real Love; The Rarity of Real Love; Giving of Yourself Genuinely


Desire and Motivation

The psychology of motivation and how to overcome repeated impulses to sin: Acknowledgment and Regret; Forced to Act; Psychological Motivation; Pushed by the Drive; Pulled by Desire; Understanding Hidden Needs; Triggers for Impulses; Desire for the Holy; A Psychological-Spiritual Hitch: The Hidden Desire for Self-destruction

Four Steps to Humility

What humility really is: Humiliation; The Difference Between Humility and Masochism; Recognizing Emotions; Recognizing Psychological Defenses; Learning How the Past “Lives” in the Present; Learning New Behaviors


How to nurture a sense of gratitude                                                                                                                                  


Emotional hurt and giving the pain to God: Spiritual Healing; Hurt; Anger and Revenge; Another Option; Transformation Through Prayer; About Child Abuse; Giving the Pain to God (Acknowledge the Pain - Relax - Be Transparent; Pray); “Offer it Up!”; It’s Really Hard Work

Hope  (From the Q&A Section)

Desiring to Learn; Saints are Made, not Born; Wounded by Family Dysfunction; The Spark of Hope and Love; With Trials as a Teacher; Prayer For Hope

Meeting Your Enemy in Heaven  (From the Q&A Section)

Problems with healing because of an inability to forgive your “enemies”: Purified in Heaven; Forgiveness versus Reconciliation; Summary

New Age Healing

The errors of confusing healing with the divine life: The Chill; Seduction; Forgiveness and Transformation; The Goddess; The Real New Age; New Age Healing Practices (Buddhism, Centering Prayer, Reiki, Spiritism, Wicca, Yoga)

RCIA  (From the Q&A Section)

The problem with RCIA programs: Let the dead bury the dead.                                                                                                                                  


Being Wretched

How falling short is nothing to be ashamed of: The Refusal to Acknowledge Wretchedness; Scrutiny; Wretched {period}; Hidden Spiritual Pride; Bypassing Denial; Wretched {gracefully}

Disasters and Trauma

Natural disasters and other traumas: Introduction; The Imaginary; The Real; Blame; Trust in God; The Symbolic Realm; Spiritual Growth through Tribulations; Breaking the Cycle of Blame and Hatred

Distractions and Fantasies

How to understand and cope with fantasies and distractions during prayer: Understanding, not Ignoring; The Definition of Fantasies (a k a Temptations); The Relationship Between Thoughts and Feelings; Sexual Fantasies; Fantasies of Grandiosity; Evil Fantasies; Self-destructive Fantasies; A Benign Example; Practical Suggestions


How mental health, unconscious defenses, and demonic influence are all related: Evil as Something Harmful; Evil as the Refusal to Serve God’s Will; Why Did God Make Hell; Demonic Influence or Mental Illness; The Unconscious; Vulnerability to Evil through Psychological Defenses; The Desire for Revenge; What You Can Do; Three Final Points


How fear holds us back from living genuinely holy lives: Fear; Fear of Love; Do Not Be Afraid; Feeling Afraid vs. Being Afraid; Self-sabotage and Fear of Dreams; Accepting Love; Fear of God; Fear of Hell; Unforgiven


How forgiveness depends on sorrow and love, not guilt: The Mockery Made of Baptism; God Forgives Anything; Reparation; Repentance is Love; When is Enough Enough?; Sorrow and Guilt; Perseverance in Love


The consequences of rejecting graces and condoning sin                                                                                                                                  

Mercy  (From the Q&A Section)

The Issues: “Overlooking” Sins; Salvation is a Life-long Battle; A Hollow Shell Covering Inner Fear; Mercy: Its Theological Meaning; Refusing Mercy; Contrition and Adoration; A Genuine Plea for Mercy

Scruples  (From the Q&A Section)

Overcoming the scruples that impede a holy life: Knowing and Not-knowing; The Unconscious Conflict of Scruples; The Psychological Motive; Interpretation, not Fear; Anger and Self-sabotage; Self-sabotage and Scruples; The Solution

Sin  (From the Q&A Section)

Why we sin: Original Sin; Concupiscence: Sin Feels Good; Missing the Point; Personal Sin; Catholic Psychology; The Deception of “Knowing”; It’s Your Choice

Suffering and Obedience

The role of suffering and obedience in spiritual healing: Job Wasn’t Self-righteous; Beyond Our Comprehension; A Dilemma—and a Mystery; A Testament and a Penance; Obedience Lets all Suffering End in Love; A Deliberate Decision of Free Will; The Subversion of Obedience: Quietism; The Defeat of Satan’s Bet; Postscript: Wisdom


Catholic Compassion

Shifting the emphasis on sin to a focus on healing: Compassion; Chastity; Responsibility; Serving the Self; Disobeying God; Identity; To Die in All Things; The Proof

Christian Identity   (From the Q&A Section)

Rediscovering Christian Identity: Lament; Christian Identity; The Politicizing of Christianity; The Christian Task: To Become Christian; Rediscovering Christian Identity

The Father

The psychological consequences of a missing father: The Role of a Mother; The Role of a Father; Lack; Unconscious Consequences of Lack; Saint Joseph; The Remedy; Prayer to Saint Joseph; Modern Prayer to Saint Joseph

Feminism  (From the Q&A Section)

How women are duped by anti-Catholic feminist ideology: Shaking Off the Supernatural; The Dignity of Male and Female; The Bond of Holy Matrimony; Your Cross

Illegal Immigration

The fraud of political correctness: The Theological Reason; The Social Reason; The Civil Reason; The Reality


The false accusation of being judgmental: “Don’t be judgmental!”; Silenced by “Diversity”; Necessary Judgment; Forbidden Judgment; Judgment can be Negative or Positive; Lying to Evade Judgment; Summary; Psychological Counsels


The real relationship between love and sin: Love’s Opposite: Sin; Forms of Love; Charity Raised to the Divine; Sin’s Antidote


Christian Modesty: Sexual Morality and the Body; Purity of Soul and Body; The Body as a Temple; The Body’s Role in Our Salvation; Lust of the Eyes; The Body Serves Love and Holiness; Modesty; Summary


The truth about peace on earth: Men of Good Will; Willing to do God’s Will; Either Peace or Division                                                                  


The current realities about the State vs. the Church: The Illusion; Diversity; Activism; In God We Trust; Holiness is a Personal Struggle


The vanity of protest: Compensation for Injury; To Condemn the World; For the Sake of Love; A World Littered with Corpses


How to overcome victimization and take real responsibility for your life: Liability and Tort Law; Lawsuits and Christianity; Christian Spiritual Liability; Purification, not Compensation; Responsibility; Victimization; Blame and Hiding

Sexuality, Romance, and True Love

Real Christian love: Goodness; The Call Away from Sin; Love is of the Spirit; Eroticism; The Allure of Common “Love”; Erotic Arousal in Romance; The Emptiness of Common “Love”; Holy Matrimony: Real Love in Real Marriage; The Call to be Holy; Freedom, not Repression

Social Justice  (From the Q&A Section)

Social Justice: True Christian Life; The Social Role of a Genuine Christian; Fear of Facing Psychological Darkness; The Greatest Human Service of All Time; Imprisoned in Self-deception; God’s Perfect Justice; Liberation for Everyone

Sports  (From the Q&A Section)

What’s wrong with sports: Love—or Pride; The Scandal of Pride; Boasting; The Real Crown; Going for the Gold; The Wisdom of Non-competition

Tattoos  (From the Q&A Section)

What’s wrong with tattoos: Cain’s Mark; Tattoos: Then and Now; By the Hand of God                                                                                                                                  

Terrorism  (From the Q&A Section)

What about terrorism? Surely we have a legal right to avenge ourselves: Two Fundamental Points; Agents of Evil; Not Innocent; Pushing God Out of Our Lives; Fighting Fire with Fire—and Sin; Real Lives of Christian Peace; Only One Wisdom

Witnessing the Faith  (From the Q&A Section)

How to defend the holy: The Martyrs; Preaching, Teaching, and Witnessing; Elements of Witnessing the Faith; A Quiet Refusal, Not a Public Protest; The Real Battle; The Psychology of Responsibility; Taking Responsibility for Your Own Behavior; Explaining Yourself; Summary


Catholic Autogenics

Step-by-step training to learn relaxation, self-awareness, and trust in God                                                                                                                                  

Deliverance from the Tyranny of False Beliefs

Deliverance from the oppression of false beliefs: Overcoming self-defeating statements that we repeat to ourselves unconsciously.

Overcoming Obsessions with Pornography and Masturbation  (From the Q&A Section)

The truth about masturbation: Demons and Wolves; The Theological Issues; The Psychological Issues; The Actual Failure; The Urge to Masturbate; Sexual Addiction; The Healing Process; The Spiritual Battle; Deliverance; A Dream; Beyond Lack and Limitation

How to Stop Procrastination  (From the Q&A Section)

Procrastination: Anger; Puberty; The Psychological Meaning of Masturbation; The Psychological Meaning of Procrastination; How to Stop Procrastinating; Summary

Stopping Smoking

Step-by-step instructions to stop smoking with visualization and prayer: Enslavement; Stopping Smoking through Faith and Prayer; Visualization and Prayer Technique; Coping with Cravings

Treatment of Bipolar Disorder

Recommendations for the treatment of mania and hypomania: Mood Stabilizers; Expansive Fantasy; Healing from Grandiosity; A Complication to the Healing: Religiosity; Deceived by “Trust in God”; Psychotherapy—not Arguing

Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder

Recommendations for healing feelings of abandonment and rage: The Rage from Feeling Abandoned; The Rage Continues: Pushing Away; “It’s Your Fault!”; To Heal the Rage; Love: The Imitation of Christ; The Mystical Price of Love

Treatment of Depression and Anxiety

Recommendations for healing the failure to trust in divine providence and justice: The Unconscious Aspect of Emotional Trials; Encountering Emotional Trials with Faith; Medication vs. Self-Scrutiny; Self-help Recommendations

Treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Recommendations for healing feelings of repressed anger and guilt: Unconscious Guilt; Healing Guilt through a Holy Lifestyle: Christian Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment, Understanding Emotional Hurt, and Desire for the Holy

Treatment of Personality Disorders

Recommendations for understanding personality gifts and correcting their misuse: The Problem with “Personality”; Personality Disorders; Personality Gifts; Catholic Treatment Recommendations

Weight Reduction

Step-by-step instructions to lose weight with visualization and prayer: Body Mass Index Calculator; Points to Ponder about Overeating; Weight Reduction Assisted by Fasting; Weight Reduction through Faith and Prayer; Visualization and Prayer Technique; Coping with Cravings


Guided Imagery for Relaxation and Healing

This CD guides you through a psychological experience of relaxation and healing that is faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church


Books, Booklets, and Prayer Cards

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