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Psychological Healing
in the Catholic Mystic Tradition

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With all your mind, learn the Faith in its fullness and depth;

With all your strength, defend the Faith from ignorance and hate;

With all your soul, desire the Faith as your most cherished hope;

With all your heart, live the Faith in gentleness and love.

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THIS WEBSITE, along with its associated website A Guide to Psychology and its Practice, is available to you and to all, with no advertising. My books, booklets, and prayer cards make available the option of purchasing selected information in convenient printed form for yourself, or for a friend or relative who does not have Internet access.




Anger and Forgiveness
(Fourth Edition)

 paperback and Kindle



Beyond the Veil of Lust
Overcoming Obsessions with Pornography and Masturbation

 paperback and Kindle


 paperback and Kindle

Disasters and Trauma
3E (3rd Edition)

 paperback and Kindle

Falling Families
Fallen Children

2E (2nd Edition)


Giving the Pain To God
The Path to Emotional Healing and Forgiveness

 paperback and Kindle

Psychological Healing in the Catholic Mystic Tradition
(2nd Edition)


Praying the Liturgy of the Hours
(3rd Edition)


Psychology from the Heart
The Spiritual Depth of Clinical Psychology

 paperback and Kindle

Though Demons Gloat
They Shall Not Prevail


Weight Reduction
Through Faith and Prayer

 paperback and Kindle

The Veil of Purity
The Supernatural Purpose of the Chapel Veil

 paperback and Kindle

Desire and Distraction
A Catholic Perspective on Behavioral Change and Its Subversion


A Catholic Explanation of a Universal Problem


Stopping Smoking
Through Faith and Prayer

 paperback and Kindle

The Spiritual Dimension of
Borderline Personality Disorder

And Healing the Rage




Guided Imagery Relaxation: The Catholic Way
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The Angelus Plus / The Litany of Humility / The Litany of Humility Plus / The Litany of Chastity / Prayer for Deliverance from the Tyranny of Evil / Prayer for Deliverance from the Tyranny of False Beliefs / Some Necessary Catholic Prayers




I print these booklets individually on demand and then fold, saddle staple, and trim them by hand. Hence you can trust that they are made with prayerful care.

Catholic Compassion



Note. The text in this booklet can also be found as an appendix in my book Falling Families, Fallen Children. Nevertheless, even if you have that book you might still want this booklet for yourself or to give to others.

More about this booklet . . .

Catholic Compassion

How can Catholics “take the emphasis off sin” and focus on God’s healing mercy—and not end up condoning sin?

All of us are tempted today by those who try to convince us to doubt the moral teachings of the Catholic Church.
We are induced to look with desire at behaviors that separate us from a holy life, saying to ourselves, “How can there be anything wrong with something that seems so nice?”
This booklet, in explaining real Catholic compassion, can help you understand how friends, teachers, professors, the entertainment industry—and even priests, bishops, and popes—can lead you away from God under the deceptive guise of “being compassionate.”


No longer available. Soon to be a book.

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