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Neither shall you allege the example of the many
as an excuse for doing wrong.

— Exodus 23:2

ANE core aspect of Christianity is the family, and a core aspect of the family is prayer. If families pray together morning, evening, and night, and if they pray and eat together at meals, and if they pray and play together for recreation, then the children will experience a place of security and a true sense of belonging to others and to God.

In the past, the Church flourished in this way.

But in today’s world, most families have been stained with divorce and dysfunction. Traditional family security has been shattered. And children, rather than basking in prayer and a sense of belonging to God, have become lost souls wandering in a wasteland. Thus they turn to the social world around them to find a sense of “belonging.”

And yet, what can be found in the social world today but myriads of lost souls, devoid of prayer, devoid of God, and enslaved to demonic influence.

As popular as they may be in contemporary culture, social media (especially Facebook and Twitter) have only one psychological purpose: to brainwash users who seek approval and acceptance from other lost souls. Thus, if you, in your desperation as a lost sould seeking acceptence from others, enter into the world of social media, you are drawn into an evil breeding ground for pride and lust, as well as for lies, fraud, anger, rudeness, hostility, hate, bullying of anyone you don’t like—and illegal censorship—and so you are drawn away from developing contemplative love for God. 

Read more about Spiritual Blindness 
by Saint Theophilus of Antioch, bishop

Although mainly benign in their early development, mainstream social media have now become as spiritually dangerous as “playing” with a Ouija board.

Still, despite the warnings, most Catholics refuse to listen.

“What’s wrong with these things?”

“They corrupt your mind and lead it astray by opening it to demonic influence—and you won’t even be aware that it’s occurring.”

“That’s ridiculous. I use social media all the time, and I don’t see anything wrong with it!”

“That’s what I just told you.”

So, do you get it? We’re all in danger of having our minds snatched by evil, and most of us don’t even realize it—even those who have already been snatched.

Still, you might say, “Oh, but I use social media only to communicate with family and friends. I don’t engage in political hate and bullying.” But by using these media even “innocently” you are bolstering the membership count of the media, and their membership count increases their advertising revenue. Consequently, even your “innocent” use of the media increases their power to work evil in the world. This amounts to your condoning sin, and condoning sin is a mortal sin.

So, are you willing to listen to the warning? Well, most Catholics aren’t willing.


Protestants believe that the great spiritual battle against evil must be fought with politics. Real Catholics know that the battle must be fought with prayer of the heart and a holy lifestyle.


And there’s the problem. Our culture has been taken over by diabolical powers of hate; hatred is evil, and evil cannot be fought with politics. There is no crime that is beneath the “dignity” of a demon. The only force that can overcome demons is mystical love for God manifested in lives of spiritual purity, and that’s true for every Catholic—lay and religious, traditional Latin, Novus Ordo, and Byzantine Catholic. Mystical love must be the primary weapon on the battleground against evil, and only with that weapon can anyone recognize the fraud and the lies that assault us constantly and that, to save our souls, we must resolutely be willing to resist.

Sadly, those who are willing to fight such a battle today are few and far between; the smoke of Satan has filled the Church, making it lukewarm and filled with hypocrites. Even most priests today are incapable of engaging in such a battle—that is, they are untrained or unwilling, or both. The world is on the slippery slope to doom, assaulted by the Luciferian liberalism of the deep State and the deep Church, and only those who seek the spark of truth in the darkness can avoid being snatched by demons.

So, are you willing to listen to the warning? Well, most Catholics today aren’t willing. Most Catholics today don’t want to find their identity in God; they want to find their identity in getting acceptance and approval from others. And that is a great wound to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


Prayer for Deliverance from the Tyranny of Evil 

A shorter, improved way to pray 
the Chaplet of Saint Michael the Archangel


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