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Psychological and Spiritual Healing in the
Catholic Mystic Tradition






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With all your mind, learn the Faith in its fullness and depth;

With all your strength, defend the Faith from ignorance and hate;

With all your soul, desire the Faith as your most cherished hope;

With all your heart, live the Faith in gentleness and love.

AS much as some sort of official approval of my work would be desirable, neither an Imprimatur (“Let it be printed”) nor a Nihil Obstat (“Nothing [herein] stands in the way [of the faith]”) can apply to a website because a website, unlike a printed book, can be changed at any moment. Therefore, no official approval for a website would have any meaningful value because there can be no guarantee that what someone has once approved is the same thing as what an individual might be currently reading. What is approved in one moment could be completely altered in the next moment.

Still, if anyone can find a bishop or a priest who has the requisite knowledge to understand the psychological depth of my work and who would be willing to write a general statement of appreciation of my work, please tell him to send me a note, and I will post a copy of it on this website.

2019: letter from Fr. Vito Perrone, COSJ




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Where Catholic therapy (Catholic psychotherapy) is explained according to Catholic psychology in the tradition of the Catholic mystics.