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Privacy Policy

I TREAT all correspondence related to this website with the same confidentiality that is due to all clinical material. I do not make unsolicited contact with anyone who has written to me previously.

Nevertheless, there are some points about Internet privacy—or the lack of it—that you should understand.


If you choose to write to me through e-mail, I will treat your correspondence with full clinical confidentiality. I do not make unsolicited contact with anyone who has written to me previously. I will not sell your e-mail address—or your real name and address should you reveal it to me. (It irritates me when companies with whom I do business sell my personal information!) I may, however, keep copies of correspondence—both received and sent—for legal protection.

At my discretion, I may use excerpts from e-mail—with identifying information removed—to illustrate clinical points on the website or to use in questions-and-answers sections.

You should always be aware, however, that Internet e-mail is not secure. Always keep in mind that someone, somewhere, could be reading anything you write. I don’t know what anyone would do with it if he or she did read it, but that’s life in the electronic age.

Realize also that if you are using a computer at your work site, the network administrator has the capability to read every piece of e-mail you send and receive under your company e-mail address. It may even be possible to track every keystroke you make on your computer keyboard, regardless of whether you’re sending e-mail. None of this may actually be happening at your workplace, but the capability is there.

Donations and Payments

If you make a donation or payment through PayPal or Square, your financial information is kept secure by PayPal or Square and is not given to me. When PayPal or Square sends me a notification of a transaction, however, your e-mail address that you used to register with PayPal or Square may be included in the transaction details. I will not respond to that e-mail address unless (a) you request in the “Comments” area on the PayPal or Square transaction form that I send you a response, or (b) you send an e-mail message to me through my own Communications page.

If you send me a donation by mail, I will not write back to acknowledge the payment unless you include a note requesting my response.



No advertising—no sponsor—just the simple truth . . .

For the sake of truth, this is a website with NO ADVERTISING.

If you find these pages to be informative and helpful, please send a donation in appreciation,
even if it’s only a few dollars, to help offset my costs in making this website available to you and to all.



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