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Psychological Healing
in the Catholic Mystic Tradition

Weight Reduction

Through Faith and Prayer


This is not one more “diet book” among a multitude of diet books that tell you what to eat. This book teaches you how to use prayer to strengthen your free will to nurture the attitudes and behaviors that will result in weight reduction.
     Right now you use food to numb your emotional distress, and you fear that without using food and excess body fat as psychological defenses your life will be nothing but empty pain.
     Therefore, to overcome the habit of constantly reaching for something to deaden your emotional pain, endeavor to teach yourself to act in new ways through love. Recognize the urge to use food as a way to numb painful emotions, and then return food to its proper place in your life: not as a psychological defense but as a holy gift of nutrition.
     In this way, your food will participate with you in a divine mystery of love, rather than be reduced to a mere object of consumption.
     If you follow the guidance within this book, you will be able to say, “Thank You, Lord, for the grace to not use food to fill my craving for love. In You, Lord, I am filled with all the fullness of divinity; there is no greater love than this.”


The Symptom of Overeating | Beginning the Process of Healing | General Facts About Weight Gain |
Psychological Factors in Overeating | Feeding Yourself Blame | The Mistake of Hatred |
The Solution of Love | Weight Reduction Assisted by Fasting | Redirecting Psychological Defenses |
Weight Reduction Through Prayer | False Beliefs | Beyond Lack and Limitation |
Deliverance From Cravings | Practicing Gratitude



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Weight Reduction

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Weight Reduction


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