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Psychological and Spiritual Healing in the
Catholic Mystic Tradition






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Why it has healing properties


With all your mind, learn the Faith in its fullness and depth;

With all your strength, defend the Faith from ignorance and hate;

With all your soul, desire the Faith as your most cherished hope;

With all your heart, live the Faith in gentleness and love.

THE PAGES on this menu provide information about theological topics you can study to prevent your spiritual growth from going astray.

Doctrine | Faith and Tradition (Belief, Faith, Heresy, Tradition, and Witnessing the Faith) |
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The Reason for Church Doctrine

The need for an answer to “Who is this Christ?”: Introduction; Explaining and Communicating; Heresies and Creeds; The Point of Doctrine; Corruption and Hypocrisy


Why is there evil? Does hell really exist?: Evil as Something Harmful; Evil as the Refusal to Serve God’s Will; Why Did God Make Hell; Demonic Influence or Mental Illness; The Unconscious; Vulnerability to Evil through Psychological Defenses; The Desire for Revenge; What You Can Do; Three Final Points


The false accusation of being judgmental: “Don’t be judgmental!”; Silenced by “Diversity”; Necessary Judgment; Forbidden Judgment; Judgment can be Negative or Positive; Lying to Evade Judgment; Summary; Psychological Counsels

Four Fundamentals of Christianity

The Eucharist, The Passion, Repentance, and Holy Lifestyle

The Precepts of the Church

Mass attendance, Confession, Receiving the Eucharist, Fasting, Providing for the needs of the Church



What we believe in determines our behavior


Reality, Truth, Belief, and Faith


The consequences of rejecting graces and condoning sin


The psychological reason for obedience to the Tradition of the Catholic Church

Witnessing the Faith  (From the Q&A Section)

To defend the holy: The Martyrs; Preaching, Teaching, and Witnessing; Elements of Witnessing the Faith; A Quiet Refusal, Not a Public Protest; The Real Battle; The Psychology of Responsibility; Taking Responsibility for Your Own Behavior; Explaining Yourself; Summary


Books, Booklets, CD, and Prayer Cards

Books, booklets, relaxation CD, and prayer cards by Raymond Lloyd Richmond, Ph.D.


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