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Questions and Answers

What is your opinion about that awful decision by the Supreme Court about gay “marriage”? We’re all wondering.


Outline of the Answer
• Introduction
• What are we supposed to learn from it?
• The Cesspool of Marriage
• Our Only Hope

Ws in all things, we should not be asking “Why did God allow this to happen?” but “What are we supposed to learn from it?”

What are we supposed to learn from it?

If God had allowed the Supreme Court to decide in favor of morality, we would have been tempted to glory in the decision with the belief that the battle against evil can be fought with political means.

Instead, by allowing “that awful decision”, God has put us in the place of having to face up to the fact that the problem is not them but us. The real issue in front of us isn’t related to homosexuality per se, it’s related to Christian complacency in general.

The Cesspool of Marriage

Over the last several decades, Christians themselves have so defiled the sanctity of marriage with lust, artificial contraception, cohabitation, adultery, abortion, rampant divorce, broken families, remarriage after divorce, blended families—and a general indifference toward the liturgical celebration of Holy Matrimony—that marriage has been turned into a social cesspool. The sewage now being added now is just a continuation of an old problem. If Christians had been living chaste holy lives, fighting the spiritual battle against darkness and evil with dedicated seriousness, and showing proper respect for Holy Matrimony all along, then the idea of anything other than Holy Matrimony would not have been able to intrude into our social consciousness.

But now God is telling us, “More sh!t in the cesspool won’t make much difference.”

Our Only Hope

As it is, the snakes have returned to Ireland, and America the once Beautiful has become America the Slut. Our only hope now is to repent our lukewarm complacency and start taking Christian identity seriously. Our task is not to stop the homosexuals but to start living holy lives of humility, modesty, and chastity and return to our proper place in the front lines of the great spiritual battle against evil.


Let the wicked continue in their wicked ways, the depraved in their depravity! The virtuous must live on in their virtue and the holy ones in their holiness! . . . I bring with Me the reward that will be given to each man as his conduct deserves. . . . Blessed are they who wash their robes so as to have free access to the tree of life and enter the city through its gates! Outside are the dogs and sorcerers, the fornicators and murderers, the idol-worshipers and all who love falsehood.


—Revelation 22:11–15


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Recommended Reading


Though Demons Gloat by Raymond Lloyd Richmond, Ph.D.

With compassion and clarity, Dr. Richmond explains the psychological and spiritual aspects of a growing battle with evil that looms in front of every Christian today.

     Though we are attacked by liberal activists from without and by apostasy from within, the true Church—that is, the body of those who remain faithful to Church tradition—weeps, and she prays, because she knows the fate of those who oppose God.
     Our enemies might fear love, and they can push love away, but they can’t kill it. And so the battle against them cannot be fought with politics; it requires a pro­found personal struggle against the immorality of popular culture. The battle must be fought in the service of God with pure and chaste lifestyles lived from the depths of our hearts in every moment.

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Falling Families, Fallen Children by Raymond Lloyd Richmond, Ph.D.

Do our children see a mother and a father both living in contemplative love for God with a constant awareness of His presence and engaged in an all-out battle with the evil of the world? More often than not our children don’t see living faith. They don’t see protection from evil. They don’t see genuine, fruitful devotion. They don’t see genuine love for God. Instead, they see our external acts of devotion as meaningless because they see all the other things we do that contradict the true faith. Thus we lose credibility—and when parents lose credibility, children become cynical and angry and turn to the social world around them for identity and acceptance. They are children who have more concern for social approval than for loving God. They are fallen children. Let’s bring them back.

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