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Questions and Answers

The COVID-19 vaccine is being pushed on us, but is it really safe? What is your opinion of it?

Outline of the Answer
• An Intricate Interplay of Human Free Will
• Overconfidence in Human Reason
• Rest Assured
• The Truth No One Wants to Admit
• Luciferase
• Condoning Abortion
• Am I Being Disobedient by Refusing the Vax?
• Coping with Bullying
• Coping with Vaccine Side-effect Symptoms
• A Warning
• Psalms 6 and 10

To understand what is occurring now, let’s remember what occurred in January 2003 when the space shuttle Columbia disintegrated on re-entry from orbit. The cause of the disaster was damage to the shuttle when it was launched, but the danger of that damage was dismissed by the controllers, and the mission was allowed to continue—only to end in disaster.

An Intricate Interplay

Therefore, the theological lesson to be learned from the disaster—and the tragic loss of the crew member’s lives—is that the disaster itself should not be seen as a direct act of God. Instead, it should be understood in the context of an intricate interplay of human free will that points to one chillingly simple issue: overconfidence in human reason.

Overconfidence in Human Reason

When insulation from the fuel tank struck the shuttle’s left wing at liftoff, the mission could have been called off on the spot. Had the shuttle been brought back immediately to the ground, engineers might have discovered the true extent of the damage, or they might have discovered some other preexisting structural problems. Of course, the decision to cancel the mission would have had an enormous cost, financially and politically. Therefore, it was decided, according to pragmatism, honor, and human reason, that there was no danger to the spacecraft. “Rest assured, we see no danger to the mission.” So the mission continued—and lives were doomed.

Rest Assured

So consider that decision. Rest assured, we see no danger to the mission. Such is the assurance of reason. It’s a lack of courage to be afraid of smug self-assurance. And yet disaster might have been averted had the engineers stepped back from their humanistic confidence and asked, “But what if we’re wrong?”

Yes, “But what if we’re wrong?” If only we had such love for God as to allow ourselves to ask that question. So consider some other common statements based in love for human reason rather than love for God. We don’t see any harm in lifestyles defiant of chastity. We don’t see any harm in divorce. We don’t see any harm in artificial birth control. We don’t see any harm in abortion. We don’t see any harm in marijuana. We don’t see any harm in social media. These are all assurances made by those who dissent from the true Faith of the Church. And fine assurances they are. Remember the Columbia.

The COVID-19 Vaccine

So, yes, remember the Columbia when wondering about the COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine is being pushed upon us by governments and by peer pressure. And we’re being told that the vaccine is “completely safe.” But what if those voices of assurance are wrong? The vaccine for a mysterious virus was rushed into development in an atmosphere of social hysteria. By strict medical standards, the vaccine is experimental, and no one knows what long-term side-effects the vaccine will have. What if there will be neurological disorders, liver disease, miscarriages, birth defects, mental confusion, dementia, depression, and suicide? What if the government agents—and the Doctor Falsie “experts” duped by the government—are wrong? And what if the government agents really don’t care about deaths and birth defects caused by the vaccine—that is, what if their secret goal (besides making money) is to depopulate the earth and to have a steady supply of aborted human babies to grind up for scientific research?

The Truth No One Will Admit

If the vaccine really were as effective as the government wants you to believe, and if it will really protect from infection anyone who takes it, then why is everyone concerned about whether you receive the vaccine? If they have taken the vaccine, and if they are safe, then what you do should be irrelevant to them.

Furthermore, consider what has occurred. In locations where vaccinations are close to 100%, infections increased. No one in the government wants to admit it, but vaccinations are actually causing the spread of disease.

Yet, right now, almost everyone has jumped on the bandwagon. Sadly, the long-term effects have yet to appear. In several years people who are now submitting to the vaccine may start dropping like flies sprayed with bug killer.

So what can be concluded from this other than that the pressure for you to submit to the vaccine has nothing to do with public health and is really a conspiracy of political control by agents advocating a Luciferian one world government.

 A video about Diabolic Narcissism (and its seditious effects on the Church)


Fake News tell us that Luciferase is not used in any COVID-19 vaccines. But what serious Catholic would trust Fake News?

Here’s the truth about Luciferase from the mouth of a medical practitioner:

 What is Luciferase?

Sadly, considering this, one major question follows: If Protestants are so aware of these things, then where is the leadership of the Catholic Church?

Condoning Abortion

Another truth that no one in the deep State wants to admit is that all vaccines are developed from cell lines derived from aborted human babies. I was told of this personally by a Catholic Ph.D. biochemist who works in pharmaceutical research.

To “take the jab,” therefore, is to cooperate with abortion, and no one, not even the Pope himself, can give you permission to commit sin. We can deny Christ, but Christ will not deny Himself.

Am I Being Disobedient by Refusing the Vax?

You do not owe any obedience to Satan and his lies.

Coping With Bullying

If you choose not to take the vaccine, then prepare yourself to be bullied by those who have been duped by government propaganda. Keep in mind that when someone attacks you with hate, the ideal “response” to hate is to not respond. Hate is by nature a sin and therefore unreasonable, and so attempting to reason with hate is futile. Furthermore, trying to fight hate with more hate would only defile you. Accordingly, keep quiet, leave the justice to God, resist the deep Church, and maintain your composure and dignity.

In all of this, consider that when others accuse you of being “selfish” or “uncharitable” they are reflecting the typical politically correct atheistic belief that “charity” equates with “going along with the crowd”—but seen in the true spiritual sense, “going along with the crowd” is a Satanic deception and the surest way to end up in hell. As God Himself said, Neither shall you allege the example of the many as an excuse for doing wrong (Exodus 23:2). It’s not selfish to work out your own salvation with fear and trembling; on the contrary, it’s a Biblical requirement (see Philippians 2:12b).

Coping with Vaccine Side-effect Symptoms

If you, or others you know, have succumbed to social pressure and have “taken the jab,” then it will be necessary to cope with vaccine side effects. The COVID-19 vaccines function like a curse; that is, their nefarious intent is to undermine the independence of individuals, weaken their faith, compromise their health, and transform them into politically compliant robots.

The most severe physical symptoms of the vaccines are blood clots; strokes; and sudden death resulting from cardiac arrest (heart attack). Other physical symptoms commonly experienced are neuropathic pain or tingling, muscle pains or weakness, lethargy, and chronic fatigue.

Emotional symptoms include sadness, anxiety, general malaise, despair, and suicidal thoughts.

All of these symptoms must be encountered the same way as with all suffering. Rather than wanting to “get rid” of these symptoms, and then get frustrated when you fail, instead endeavor to endure the symptoms with faith so as to turn your heart to deeper and deeper trust in God.

Deliverance Prayer

Still, in addition to a general attitude of surrender to God, deliverance prayer can be a constant recourse. Note that when we experience an emotional or physiological wound, demonic spirits can attach themselves to the wound to obstruct healing.[1] Therefore, when an illness has any connection to suspected diabolic plots, pray for deliverance from any harmful spirit (i.e., demon) that may be attached to the illness. Although deliverance prayer may not “cure” physical symptoms, it can facilitate the spiritual grace that will help you endure physical and emotional symptoms. Here is the formula:

   In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I renounce the spirit of [illness] and the hold it has over me.
   And I ask our Lord Jesus to send it to the foot of the Cross.

This prayer must be repeated often; moreover, besides the spirit of illness, you may seek deliverance from the spirits of anger, anguish, anxiety, bodily pain, demoralization, depression, despair, discouragement, distress, doubt, dread, fatigue, fear, frustration, hatred, illness, impatience, lethargy, loneliness, oppression, panic, rumination, self-blame, self-hate, self-punishment, shame, social pressure, stress, strife, suicide, vengeance, vexation, victimization, weariness, and so on, as circumstances apply to you.

A particularly powerful method of prayer for dedicated, continuing protection is to combine the Jesus Prayer (Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me) with deliverance prayers. To do this, take time to sit (or stand) quietly and pray a decade of Jesus Prayers and then pray a variation of the deliverance prayer most suited to your needs. Continue praying another decade of Jesus Prayers, and then pray another variation of the deliverance prayer—and so on. You can do this easily with an Orthodox knotted prayer rope that has a bead between every ten knots; pray Jesus Prayers on the knots and a deliverance prayer on the beads. Alternatively, you can use Rosary beads, praying a Jesus Prayer on each of the Hail Mary beads and one variation of the deliverance prayer on each of the Our Father beads. One circuit around a hundred knot prayer rope or two circuits around the Rosary beads will be optimal.

A Warning

Therefore, the lesson here is a lesson about warning. Agents of Satan are propagating lies intended to send the unwary to their doom. But if you understand the mystic ramifications of God’s love, and humbly accept and surrender to that love despite the inconvenience, and let that love be your guide in every moment of uncertainty, then you have good reason to rest assured.

Prayers For Hope

LORD, rescue me in Your mercy;
protect me in Your love.
Have mercy on me, Lord, for my spirit is oppressed by lies and deceit,
my body is racked with pain,
and my soul is troubled and anguished.
I am exhausted with my groaning;
every night I drench my pillow with tears;
I bedew my bed with weeping.
By day, my eyes waste away with grief because I am surrounded by foes.
But You, O God . . . how long before You rebuke the proud?
Lord, free me from their hands!
In Your majesty save me from their oppressive insolence.
Come to my assistance, O Lord;
send fraud and deception into flight before You.
My lamentations call for Your help; my sorrowful cries for justice echo throughout Heaven. Accept my prayer that my enemies will fall into confusion and chaos.
Arise then, Lord, and send forth your light and your truth to guide and protect Your humble servants,
O God, protect the faithful!
because with brazen arrogance the self-righteous spurn You,
and they think in their hearts, “There is no supreme accountability.”
But You regard the trouble and sorrow;
You note it and keep an account.
I entrust myself to You,
for You are my help and the help of all the faithful.
Those who place their trust in You shall understand truth,
and they shall abide with You in love;
while those who delight in anger will perish by the very poison they have prepared for others.
Lord, receive my prayer and the prayers of all the faithful; give me courage, strengthen my heart, and sustain my hope, and may Your holy justice crush the dark power of my enemies.

Lord, have mercy and attend to my woeful plight;
agents of sedition have conspired in devising ruthless plots to promulgate their malicious intentions.

O Lord, I beseech You, scatter their lies and threats.
For Your name’s sake, O Holy One, save my soul from the tyranny of evil.
For my part, I will uphold truth with fearlessness.

In You, Lord, I hope.

Adapted from Psalms 6 and 10, Daniel 9:18, Acts 4:29, and Wisdom 3:9–11
Adaptations and Typesetting
Copyright © 2021–2022 Raymond Lloyd Richmond, Ph.D.
All rights reserved.


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1. See Interview with an Exorcist, p.95).  


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