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Psychological Healing
in the Catholic Mystic Tradition

Questions and Answers

You’re nuts. Who would ever want to do something this foolish?

You know, that’s exactly what Christ’s disciples said to Him at Capernaum. Come to think of it, that’s also what they said in Corinth to Saint Paul. Odd, isn’t it?

The material on this website isn’t some collection of irrational and bitter demands I have concocted on my own; instead it’s the surest and most simple way to overcome the psychological despair and emptiness that afflicts humanity. It summarizes a profound psychoanalytic understanding of the unconscious as well as the timeless wisdom of the Catholic mystics through the ages, a wisdom that tells us to detach ourselves from all in this world that would lead us to spiritual destruction and then to throw ourselves into the healing abyss of divine love.

But by reason of this secret and intimate union with God, there remains in the Soul a sweet impression, so firm and assured a satisfaction, that no torture, however cruel, could overpower it, and a zeal so ardent that a man, had he a thousand lives, would risk them all for that hidden consciousness which is so strong that hell itself could not destroy it.

—Saint Catherine of Genoa
Spiritual Dialogue, Part III, Chapter X

When you have found a sweet love like this, how can the bitterness of depression and anxiety threaten it when even the gates of hell cannot prevail against it?


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