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Today everyone seems to be gaga over live-streamed Masses, but there’s something about it all that doesn’t sit well with me. I’m not sure about it. Can you explain this? What’s your opinion?

All of this came about because the bishops were too cowardly to assert that the Mass is an essential service to Catholics. They could have said that during the corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic, Masses will continue, but with reasonable health safety precautions such that people will sit in every other pew. With a minimal homily, and with Eucharistic Prayer II, the Novus Ordo Mass could be celebrated in less than 15 minutes; similarly a traditional Low Mass could be celebrated relatively quickly. Communion on the tongue could be mandated, and communion in the hand could be forbidden because it is unsanitary. People could be told to leave immediately after the conclusion of the Mass. Volunteers could sanitize the pews for the next Mass. Crowding could be controlled by limiting attendance so that people are spaced at a safe distance from each other.[1] And with special permission, priests could celebrate multiple Masses in a day, perhaps even every hour on Sundays. All of this could have been done as a reverent mass production (excuse the pun). But it wasn’t. The bishops slunk away like dogs with their tails between their legs, hiding the truth that many of them were quite happy to comply with the restrictions because many of them—deceived by the Satanic deep Church—don’t believe that the Eucharist has any importance anyway.

And as they were slinking, they cried out, “We will live stream our Masses!”

That was like throwing scraps to the dogs.

Technology can communicate information, but God’s presence cannot be communicated by staring at pixels on a computer screen.

By holding out the pretense of “live-streamed Masses” the bishops have reduced the Mass to the insipid level of a Protestant service where there is no real presence of God. Protestants don’t mind televised services because to them prayer is all in their hearts—or to be more psychologically exact, in their heads. But to a Catholic the Mass is all in the Eucharist, and a real Catholic has to be there physically to be in the real presence of God.

Still, most Catholics today do not believe in the Real Presence in the Eucharist, and many bishops take seditious satisfaction in perpetuating this false belief that there is no Real Presence and that the Mass is just about human fellowship. Thus the concept of live-streamed Masses has a diabolical origin. Live-streamed Masses are scraps to the dogs. And demons gloat.


Some individuals have been saying it for decades, and now we have the bloodstained evidence right in front of us: The worst human enemies of the Church are within the Church itself—they are the Satanic deep Church.


Nevertheless, if people want to participate in this absurdity, let them do what they want. I, however, want nothing to do with it. For me, until the restrictions are fully lifted, Sundays are days of lamentation with prayers of reparation and exorcism.

Prayers for Dire Times

Act of Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus (adapted)

Prayer Against Satan and the Rebellious Angels (adapted)


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1. Requiring registration for Mass attendance might sound like a good idea, but there is a dark side to it. It’s a nefarious thing called Contact Tracing, such that names and contact information of persons signing up for sacraments are collected and reported to the government, all with the silent consent of the priests involved. Even though the intent is to locate and contain individuals testing positive for corona virus (COVID-19), still, if you don’t want the police to “reach out” to you with handcuffs eventually, it would be best to avoid any parish activities that require you to provide your personal information.


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Abandoned in childhood by his father, a man sought his revenge by laying plans to destroy the Catholic Church from within. With the support of his Communist backers, he became a priest influential in Vatican II and beyond—but then something happened that he didn’t plan. The God in whom he did not believe caused him to write his memoirs and then brought about his unexpected death in a traffic accident. Subsequently, the memoirs were brought to light and published. Moreover, in His great mercy, God gave the man a short time in a coma to contemplate his sins before he actually died. We don’t know the ultimate disposition of his soul, but we do know the reason for the unexpected disruption to his plans: the mystical sacrifice of a young woman known to the man as “Raven Hair.” Her sacrifice? She set aside her romantic hopes for this intriguing man and became a Carmelite nun to pray for his soul and for the good of the whole Church. Thus the conspiracy has been exposed, even though its effects are real and continue to affect the entire Church today.

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 A video about Diabolic Narcissism (and its seditious effects on the Church)



A treasure of a resource for psychological and spiritual healing. Information gathered from my websites is now available at your fingertips in book form.

Though Demons Gloat: They Shall Not Prevail
by Raymond Lloyd Richmond, Ph.D.

Though we are attacked by liberal activists from without and by apostasy from within, the true Church—that is, the body of those who remain faithful to Church tradition—weeps, and she prays, because she knows the fate of those who oppose God.
     Our enemies might fear love, and they can push love away, but they can’t kill it. And so the battle against them cannot be fought with politics; it requires a pro­found personal struggle against the immorality of popular culture. The battle must be fought in the service of God with pure and chaste lifestyles lived from the depths of our hearts in every moment.

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