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Questions and Answers

You Catholics are a bunch of homophobic [expletives deleted]. Whatís wrong about love? What would you do if you saw two gays kissing in public? Today we have to fight for our rights against idiots like you because two hundred years ago many of us would have been slaves. All you do in the Catholic church is whine about homosexuality and abortion. Get into the modern world!

Two hundred years ago, slavery was legal, and many persons said, ďItís legal, and we can make money from it, so whatís the problem with it?Ē Yet there were many Catholics who worked to abolish slavery, saying itís wrong. Today, abortion is legal, and many persons say, ďItís legal, and we can make money from it, so whatís the problem with it?Ē Yet there are many Catholics today working to abolish abortion, saying itís wrong. So you point your finger at slavery and accept abortion? Thatís hypocrisy. Like it or not, youíre no different from those who kept slaves two hundred years ago. All those foul curses you hurled at the Church belong on your head.

Sadly, many liberal activists are hypocrites. They praise what they like and hate what they oppose, using misinformation, fraud, lying, threats, intimidation, censorship, and bullying to get their way. Thatís Nazi ideology. Thatís sin.

Sin is not love. Hate is not love. Real Catholics know what real love is, and they donít hate anyone or anything except sin.

To answer your question, answer my question: What would you do if you saw someone making the Sign of the Cross in public? Well, your eyes would likely bulge with rage. The insane reactions of liberal activists over the past few years have proven the point that the hysteria of protest and political activism are stained with hypocrisy. Their ďdiversityĒ is not diverse enough to include those who disagree with them.

So where is real love and real freedom? It is found only in Christ and in those diverse but few individuals who choose to follow Him with pure hearts free from slavery to sin.


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