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Psychological Healing
in the Catholic Mystic Tradition

Hate Mail

From lost souls who need prayer for their enlightenment and conversion


I JUST READ your Q&A from your Chastity website. My heart literally hurt for you. I don’t know how long that “question” has been on your page, but I just saw it. He called you a whore!

Dr. Richmond, I just want to say how sorry I am that he said that to you. I never really thought about how many really mean emails you must get.

I think that particular one really hurt me because it felt as if he was trying to hurt you. Badly. And maybe you can just “let it go” but I FELT the pain.

Here’s a thought: post all the mean, ugly, and hurtful emails in a bundle within your website. They don’t need answers if you don’t want them to. But place them all in one area. Those of us that support you (a growing number, I hope) will go to that place and pray. We can pray for the words and the people saying them and the people (you) receiving them. You can gather a bit of hatred and we can do our part to offer it up. We could put in the enzymes of prayers to take the venom out.

—30 July 2007


April 2014
I didn't make a $35 donation and therefore do not expect an answer to this email. But I'm not asking for guidance either, so it's all right.
   I am a proud Catholic --a difficult position in secularised Europe these days-- and found many interesting and refreshing reflections on your websites. One particular sentence, however, shocked me to the core: "Children conceived in lust are all that more vulnerable to demonic influence throughout their lives." Were you a kabbalistic rabbi or some sort of shamman, I would understand, but coming from a Catholic...    So a child conceived in a context of "marital duty" (most probably a mortal sin on the husband's part, I agree) or rape will endure more demonic influences in his/her life? Do you also think that the beggar at Siloe was born blind due to his parents' sins?
   You are free to write uncatholic things on your website but it is dishonest to let the reader believe that these are supported by Scriptures or Church doctrine.

Most individuals, if they walked past a store that sold something they didn't like, would just walk away. But if someone went into the store just to express disapproval and were to add, “And I don’t intend to buy anything in this store either!” that would be an act of hatred. Well, the hatred in your message to me proves my point. Demons are crawling all over you, and you’re blind to it, and you deny that you need help. That’s demonic influence right under your nose. That should shock you to the core, but, as you say, “it’s all right” with you...


October 2012
I was enjoying your website until I came across your rather opinionated and disgusting expression of your feelings about abortion. You are not God.

Neither are you.


February 2012
I am not a Catholic, neither am I a believer. I am a concerned citizen. I have read your website and it is abundantly clear to me that you are a vindictive sadist who uses the Bronze Age cruelty of the Bible to satisfy his lust for shadenfreude. No MORAL person can read the Bible and come away believing it to be good and certainly not a source of omni-benevolent love.
I am rather disgusted by your condescending view of people who have suffered at the hands of your religion as 'those who claim victimization' as though you are are playing a mock-violin as you say it.
For the most part, the only weapon I need to discredit any Christian in any denomination is the Bible itself. It's most ironic. What is also ironic is that my despise of you tempts me to invoke the most heinous and wicked doctrine in history, by pushing me to say - It's a pity there isn't a hell for you to go to.

When you wish someone to go to hell, you only send yourself there. It’s a pity for you that right now you are on the path to discovering this truth the hard way.


September 2010
Stop spreading misinformation [about sexuality]. If this is typical of your “psychology” practice, I am certainly glad you are not in my area. What damage you are doing to people! STOP!

That’s what they said to Jesus, too.


May 2009
I suffer from ocd and consider myself a strong Catholic. I don't have feelings of guilt. OCD is a chemical disorder and not something you can pray away. You need to get more information before you start spouting such ignorance....May God bless your misguided soul.

Considering that, in spite of your “strong Catholic” beliefs, you think nothing about trying to insult me, it is clear that you have done a very, very good OCD job of hiding your guilt from yourself. This is something you could “pray away”—if you wanted to.


December 2007
soooo to sum it up.... sex is evil therefore i am evil. [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted]. lol i bet whoever wrote this was a born again christian and you know how those people are. they do their [expletive deleted] then regret it and preach to everyone else how you’re not supposed to have any fun. or maybe he’s one of those nuts who’s fighting the urge to have sex so much so that he takes daily laxatives to ‘cleanse’ his system. [expletive deleted] dumb [expletive deleted] floppy [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted]... i am a woman who is very aware.

Aware? Aware of what?


August 2007
Your [sic] a [expletive deleted]. Go [expletive deleted] yourself.


August 2007
I think your [sic] an [expletive deleted] and I have no idea why you are a psychologist. Your many statements . . . are incredibly offensive to me personally. . . . you are a mother [expletive deleted]. You need help [expletive deleted] bag.

As if your comments aren’t “incredibly offensive”? You need the very help you’re rejecting.


August 2007
I was a victim of emotional and physical abuse at the hands of the Roman Catholic Church....[expletive deleted]....where was Christ when I was being abused! Take a closer look at yourself!

Christ was on the Cross being abused when you were being abused. Take a closer look at Him.


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