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The Golden Rope

A Prayer to Overcome Procrastination and Self-sabotage

THE root of your procrastination and self-sabotage is anger at your parents. Most individuals, however, will unconsciously hide this fact from themselves because itís a difficult thing to admit. They feel shame for having this anger because they believe that it makes them ďbadĒ persons. Then they feel guilt for having it because they tell themselves that their parents did so many good things that being angry with them is only ingratitude.

Yet, like it or not, that anger lurking in the shadows of your heart is causing your self-defeating behavior.

You stay stuck in self-defeating behavior no matter how much others do for you. No matter how much other persons do for you to try to help you, itís never enough. Why? Well, you really crave the help of your parents, not the help of others, and if your parents wonít change their ways and see how much youíre suffering, then you will want to throw your suffering in their faces in the hope that then they will see their mistakes and change their behavior. And, well, even if your parents are dead you will throw your suffering in Godís face, as if to say, ďLook what you did to me! Why didnít you stop them from being so cruel to me?Ē

For the sake of your success, itís important to get past this barrier of anger.

God is always pouring His graces upon you, but your anger blinds you to seeing those graces.

God allows difficulties and trials to afflict you so that you might recognize your angry response to them and then finally see how much your anger hurts you. Moreover, God allowed the difficulties and trials of your childhood so that you could learn that your only hope is in Him, not in others.

But you made a mistake. You told yourself that your only hope was in wringing justice from the world with your angry hands.

For the sake of your success, itís important to admit that you made a mistake. Admit it, though, without blaming yourself. Admit it with compassion for the child you once were who, in pushing you into anger, was only trying to protect you from a cruel world. Admit it with the hope that you can have something more to cling to than self-defeating anger. Admit it with the hope that you will have something more to cling to than self-defeating anger. Admit it with prayer.

The concept of this prayer came to me in a vision early one morning. It took me a while to find the words to put it into language, but now itís available for you to hold in your own hands.


This prayer isnít magic in the sense that saying it once will cure you. Saying it daily, however, will nurture and sustain your desire to overcome the impediments to trusting in the providence and protection of Godís love.



The Golden Rope Prayer Card

My own composition. Use this prayer to help overcome procrastination and self-sabotage. Includes a “Golden Rope” to make it a useful bookmark as well.


(Back not shown)

Approximately 3½" x 5½" laminated


The Golden Rope

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