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I AM JUST one man with no staff. I have done all the writing, all the design, and all the programming for this website without a sponsor. No one pays me for the thousands and tens of thousands of dollars of labor I have put—and continue to put—into my websites.

Furthermore, in all of this, I refuse to obscure simple and holy truth with advertising.

Nevertheless, I am willing to provide this website for your benefit and for the benefit of anyone else in the whole world—but answering questions takes an enormous amount of my personal time. Therefore, if you want me to answer your e-mail question, I require that you pay for my time. As Saint Paul said, “A worker deserves his pay” (1 Timothy 5:18).


For about the first 10 years of my other website ( A Guide to Psychology and its Practice ), I did not charge anything to answer questions; I just asked for a donation of gratitude. Even though I rarely received any donations, I still answered every question. Well, around 2006 I was getting about 20 questions a day, it was taking me several hours a day to write answers, and I was receiving almost nothing in donations. I had to stop. I couldn’t afford to give away so much time for free.

So now you’re looking at the fallout from all of this: an obstacle course to separate the serious from the curious, and a requirement that you make a donation to this website before I will respond to your e-mail question.

Moreover, for those who have ears to hear, there’s even a psychological lesson in this: it’s about my setting boundaries, not about my being rude.






No advertising—no sponsor—just the simple truth . . .

For the sake of truth, this is a website with NO ADVERTISING.

If you find these pages to be informative and helpful, please send a donation in appreciation,
even if it’s only a few dollars, to help offset my costs in making this website available to you and to all.



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